Tax Management

Managing tax risks and addresing tax reporting, compliance and accounting needs efficient tax management tools in place. In today's increasingly competitive environment, companies are under constant pressure to improve their performance and explore new revenue generating opportunities.

Our multi disciplinary team of professionals, expertise and modern technologies can assist you in complying with tax and accounting related legislation and regulations. You define how you want to collaborate and we adjust our processes and technology and take responsibility for your compliance obligations

Business & Organisational Training

We deliver exceptional Trainings that impart knowledge and skills to your workforce to enable them perform their jobs optimumly. Contact us today for an exciting experience.

Our Business and Organisational Training service line includes;
  • Work Skills and Ethics
  • Leadership and Mentorship
  • Growth and Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Care and Client Management
  • Professional Skills
  • Stress management
  • Business Growth and Expansion
  • Building Effective Organisational Culture
  • Building Effective Work Relations
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Financial Management Skills
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Other Designated Business and Organisational Topics

Business Advisory And Consultancy

At Muyobo Consult, we help Businesses with Simple and Advanced Consultancy Solutions touching Major Business Aspects. These include Business Planning and Advisory, Business and Organisational Strategy, Investment Planning and Strategy, Growth and Marketing Strategy, Acquisitions and Mergers, Business Restructuring, Trading and Forex, Business and Company Registration, Legal consultancy, IT Consultancy, Human Resource Consultancy, Procurement Consultancy, Management Consultancy and Financial Planning.

Risk Advisory

Our Team of experts looks forward to helping you; identify the risks facing your business, assess them and take steps towards reducing them to the business' acceptable level. We aim at making risk management as convenient as possible.

Retail Management Point of Sale(POS) with EFRIS Integration

The System provides an all-in-one top notch experience while managing your Sales, Stock, Purchases, Payroll, Accounting and EFRIS all at the same time.

Our Package includes Installation, Customization, Configuration, Licensing and User Training

Personal Finance

We know that managing your Personal Incomes and Expenditure can be very hectic. Our Service is therefore designed to provide simple financial solutions to individuals and households and advise them on financial and investment opportunities. We help you meet your Personal Financial goals, whether it's having enough for short term financial needs, planning for retirement, budgeting or saving for your child's education. It all depends on your income, expenses, living requirements, and individual goals and desires - and coming up with a plan to fulfill those needs within your financial means.

Audit And Advisory

We assist management in establishing 'best practices' and internal controls within the company, to promote efficient operations to improve the performance and profit of the company. Our service is designed to add value and improve a Business's operations. To help a Business accompish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improvong the effecitvenss of risk management, control and governance processes. We therefore advise Management on the nature and effectiveness of Internal Controls, their Impact on Business Performance and Recommendations.

Financial Accounting

As SMEs expand into new markets or undertake functional financial transformations, the challenges faced by their accouting and finance teams become more complex. We help you to reconsider how you manage your business, source local expertise and deal with the increasingly complex regulatory environemnts.

We are passionate about delivering innovative solutions for efficiently managing and helping our clients deal with the complex regulatory environemnts often faced when they expand into new markets. Whatever issue you are facing in your business, the likelihood is that our team has a solution.

Management Consultancy

Looking for a management consultant? Look no further!

We are an authority in Business management. We use our Business skills to provide objective advice and expertise thereby helping your Business to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve Business performance.


We help and guide your Business in recording of financial transactions, which is part of the process of accounting in business. We take care of all your accounting and Bookkeeping needs at an affordable monthly fee.

Our Bookkeeping service line includes;

  • Receipting
  • Invoicing
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Creditors and Debtors Management
  • Withdraws, Deposits, and Payments Management
  • Sales and Purchases Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Asset Management
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Monthly Accounts Reconciliation
  • Inter Account Transfers and Transactions
  • Monthly Financial and Management Reports
  • Bookkeping and Accounting Training

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant For Businesses, Companies and Organizations.

The offer includes;

  • Software System Purchase
  • Installation
  • Customisation
  • Licensing
  • Training
  • For Both Single-User and Multi-User System Installation. Get in touch with us Today to get a Quotation.

Legal Consultancy

Regulatory compliance is in itself Legal. Explore our Legal Consultancy service line for reliable services like;

  • Legal Advisory
  • Business and Company Registration
  • Registration of Trading License
  • PPDA Registration
  • Legal Adhoc

Human Resource Consultancy

We appreciate how critical it is for Business to excel in Human Resource Management. Muyobo Consult helps you identify, recruit, maintain, develop and retain the best staff for your Business.

Our Our Human Resource Consultancy Service Line offers;

  • Human Resource Advisory
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Job Analysis
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Policy Development and Review
  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resource Adhoc

IT Consultancy

Embrace a world of limitless Business Technology possibilies that come with ICT.

We help you maximise IT efficiency and effectiveness in your Business as you realize max values from your IT infrastructure investment.

Our IT Consultancy Service line offers;

  • IT Advisory
  • IS/T Audit Services
  • Information Security Management Consultancy
  • IT Policy Development and Review
  • Data Analytics Consultancy
  • IoT Consulting
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Web Development Consultancy
  • Embedded Software Development and Consulting
  • IT Adhoc

Market Research Services

We provide Professional Market Research Services for Businesses, Companies, Government and Non Government Organisations.

Our Market Research Service line includes;

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Brand Health Surveyss
  • Brand Health Awareness
  • Survey Designs
  • Social market Research
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Program Implementation Surveys
  • Market Profiling and Analysis

Debt Collection Services

Our Debt Collection Services are designed to help Businesses, Companies, Organisations and Corporate individuals maximize value from their Transactions by providing a framework for Debt collection and recovery executed by our team of Legal Experts.

Our Service scope, among others includes;

  • Debt Collection Advisory
  • Arranging Debt Repaymnet Schedules
  • Soliciting and receiving payment for onward transmission to the Clients
  • Negotiating Credit extensions where necessary
  • Establishing and receiving communication for and on behalf of the Clients.

Why You Should Work With Us

We have a Support Team of well trained and equipped Staff who are Passionate about delivering Innovative Solutions to our Clients. Muyobo Consult is your friendly, accessible Professional Audit and Accounting Firm. We deliver Locally relevant Solutions at International Standards.

Our wide range of Services helps you Grow your Business whilst protecting its assets through providing Clarity and Objectivity from a Professional Accounting point of view. Outsourcing non-core functions like Accounting, Procurement, Human Resource, Legal, IT and Advisory also saves you time and money as you focus on building your Business.