Our Mission

To help Small and Medium Enterprises and Corporate Companies develop and adopt the best Financial and Business models to drive growth and revenues, increase profitability and ensure financial and Business stability.

Our Vision

To be a leading Financial and Business Consultancy Firm offering the best and most simplified Financial and Business Consultancy Solutions to Businesses and Companies not only in Uganda but also across borders.

Our Values


Integrity Confidentiality Independence Adherence to both domestic and international standards


Diligence Timeliness Involvement Understanding client needs Continuous engagement and teamwork


Flat hierarchy Accessible Friendly

Bringing Business Closer To People

Muyobo Consult is a Registered Diverse Financial and Business Consultancy Firm Reg.No.80020002569183 that is focused on Growing Businesses, Maximizing Value and connecting Experts and decision makers that accurately deliver both Business and Financial information and insights to its esteemed Clients.

We offer a number of Custom-tailored Financial and Business Consultancy Services to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Corporate Companies undertake Functional Transformations, adopt the right tools and Strategy to navigate complex Regulatory Environments and expand Revenues to stay Financially afloat thus Empowering Businesses and Communities.

We Target Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Organizations and Corporate Companies, both Start-ups and fully established Entities.

Why You Should Work With Us

We have a Support Team of well trained and equipped Staff who are Passionate about delivering Innovative Solutions to our Clients. Muyobo Consult is your friendly, accessible Professional Audit and Accounting Firm. We deliver Locally relevant Solutions at International Standards.

Our wide range of Services helps you Grow your Business whilst protecting its assets through providing Clarity and Objectivity from a Professional Accounting point of view. Outsourcing non-core functions like Accounting, Procurement, Human Resource, Legal, IT and Advisory also saves you time and money as you focus on building your Business.