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Today in the Commerce, Trade and Business Sector, it’s fair enough to say that most Small and Medium Enterprises and Businesses are struggling to realise Revenues, expand their operations and undertake functional investments. This is solely due to lack of developed Financial Management and Accounting Systems.

The old business practice of receiving business cash and keeping it in company drawers with no electronic Accountability is way behind modern Business practices and is a recipe for Business Failure.

Business Managers and Owners need detailed Accounting information to make informed decisions and assessment of Business Performance in terms of Profit and LossAssets and Liabilities and Cashflows, what needs to be done, what Cost cutting strategies need to be adopted, what level of investment needs to be undertaken and what Business Models need to be adopted to drive Business Growth.

Lack of a Basic Accounting System is dangerous for a Business looking to expand and grow its operations. Whether it’s a small retail shop selling basic household items, a fashion and design store dealing in clothing and accessories, a service business offering commercial services to clients or a private business offering various product lines; The need for Developed Cash Management SystemsSales and Expense Control SystemDebtors and Creditors Management and Basic Accounts is Critical for Monitoring and Evaluating Business Performance and Financial Management. This provides a Basis for Assessing Business Performance through Preparation of Financial Reports(Profit and Loss Statement, The Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement).

For any Modern Business, a well developed Bookkeeping System is not an Option to consider, it’s a MUST-HAVE. Business Owners need to abandon Traditional Accounting methods and Adopt Modern and Electronic Accounting Systems and Packages. Relying on manual Accounting procedures is risky for Businesses. Any form of accident or fire outbreak can lead to loss of Accounting information. Lack of data security is also typical of Traditional Accounting procceedures.

With an Advanced Bookkeeping Package, the Security of your Financial Information is GuaranteedAccuracy is Improved and manual Accounting work is eliminated due to System Automation and Advanced inbuilt Accounting data formulas. Financial Reporting therefore becomes easier due to highly automated and organised accounting and financial data.

Every Business Owner looking to grow their Business Should Reconsider their Accounting Practices and see the bigger picture in adopting an Advanced and Electronic Accounting System Package. It’s not something to think about, it’s something you should have done yesterday. This will help you set up your Business for Financial Succcess and Growth.

That’s why at Muyobo Consult, we are dedicated to helping you grow your Business with our advanced Bookkeeping Packages and Accounting Services. Our Services are Custom-tailored to suit your needs and means.

We have various Accounting Software Packages which are licensed. They include the following;

  1. QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant.
  2. QuickBooks – EFRIS Integrated System.
  3. QuickBooks Online Packages.
  4. Tally ERP.
  5. Tally Prime.
  6. Point of Sale (POS) Systems.
  7. POS-EFRIS Integrated System.
  8. Loans Management System.
  9. SACCO Management System.
  10. Simple Excel Bookkeeping Packages for Small Businesses.

The Packages above come with Installation, Customisation and User Training provided by our team. The installations include both Single-user (1 User) and Multi-User (Many Users) system installations.

Accounting Business Solutions at Muyobo Consult:

Our Professional Accounting Service (Accounting Business Solutions) helps you run your Accounting on a monthly basis and at a manageable monthly fee.

The package includes the following;

  1. Bookkeeping.
  2. Financial Accounting and Reporting.
  3. Financial Analysis.
  4. Financial Management and Control.
  5. Cost Accounting and Budgeting.
  6. Management Accounts (Monthly and Quarterly)
  7. Accounting Data Entry and Analysis.
  8. EFRIS Management.
  9. Asset Management.
  10. Cash Management.
  11. Tax Management.
  12. Business Advisory.
  13. CFO-on-Call Services.

The Service helps you save time and money by taking care of all your Accounting tasks and needs while you focus on building your Business.

Bookkeeping Services at Muyobo Consult:

This is an outsourced service designed to help small businesses and startups manage their cash, sales, expenses, debtors and creditors, payments, purchases, receipting and invoicing, payroll management, asset management and general accounting and financial tasks.

The Service includes the following:

  1. Receipting and Invoicing.
  2. Bank Reconciliations.
  3. Creditors and Debtors Management.
  4. Withdraws, Deposits and Payments Management.
  5. Payroll Management.
  6. Asset Management.
  7. Petty Cash Management.
  8. Budgeting and Cost Control.
  9. Inter Account Transfers and Transactions processing.
  10. Monthly Financial and Management Reports.

This service, just like Accounting Business Solutions, is provided on a monthly basis at a manageable monthly fee.


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Compiled by the Bookkeeping Team, Muyobo Consult Uganda.


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